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Are you ready to feel your absolute BEST without
spending a lot of time or money – OR depriving yourself?

Now, you can revitalize your body, mind, and spirit in just 21 days with
an expert nutritionist personally guiding you every step of the way!

If you’re someone who experiences ...

  • Seasonal allergies
  • Brain fog
  • Belly bloat from foods that are hard to digest and eliminate
  • Difficulty sleeping, or sleeping too much
  • Waking with low energy, depression or anxiety
  • The merry-go-around of sugar and gluten cravings, keeping you from experiencing your true vitality
  • Weight gain despite all of your attempts to stop it
  • Mental sluggishness, even after exercise or meditation
  • Or just a general “blah” feeling

... your body may be telling you it’s time for a cleanse!

But not just any cleanse that you do all alone – where you deprive yourself of foods and energy you need to get through your day, or worry you might not have the willpower to see it to the end.

This is a cleanse that is guided, holistic and food-based and includes LOTS of individual attention and coaching from leading functional nutritionist Andrea Nakayama.

Plus, you’ll be supported by a community of people, just like you, who are committed to feeling, looking, sleeping, working and playing at their very best this summer – and beyond. By cleansing and keeping yourself in good health, you boost the resources you innately need to face and overcome life’s everyday challenges.

And when you’re at your best, most vibrant self, you have the vital energy needed to make a difference in the world!

Andrea is no stranger to health challenges; in fact, 12 years ago when Andrea was seven weeks pregnant, her husband was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. He was given six months to live...

When the health crisis struck, Andrea and her husband researched, learned and changed everything they put in their mouths to optimize its healing potential – while also supporting her body through the hormonal changes of pregnancy and extreme stress.

Her husband lived beyond the doctors’ expectations, enough to see their son celebrate his 3rd birthday.

Through this whirlwind journey, Andrea transformed what many of us would imagine to be a heart-breaking and depressing experience into a gift that empowers and motivates thousands to live longer, healthier lives.

Today, Andrea is a passionate spokesperson for the power of food, offering you true transformation to heal and nourish your body; eradicate deficiencies; feel and look your absolute very best; and revitalize your ENTIRE life.

You’ll emerge from these 21 days feeling abundantly nourished and renewed in body, mind and spirit!

How you’ll benefit from this course:

This course offers a cornucopia of benefits for your body, mind and spirit. During these 21 days, you can:

  • Eliminate energy-draining allergies so that you can reclaim time, productivity and vitality
  • Increase your mental focus and clarity through “living” foods and new, revitalizing eating habits
  • Lose weight and rid your belly of bloat from hard-to-digest foods – without depriving yourself
  • Enjoy younger-looking skin that people will notice
  • Stop mood swings (often caused by sugar and gluten)
  • Feel a newfound sense of calm exuberance about your life
  • Get more restful sleep, night after night, and use this newfound energy to create the life you want – and the “you” the world needs!
  • Be personally guided throughout the 21 days by an expert nutritionist who is deeply committed to your success and wellbeing
  • Know that you’re not alone and that you’re supported by a community of other “cleansers,” helping ensure you complete the cleanse feeling your absolute BEST

Here’s What Andrea’s Students and Clients Have to Say...

“I feel a vitality and brightness coming on line
that I have been craving for months.”
“I am in Heaven with the plan so far! My body and I are loving the food and I feel a vitality and brightness coming on line that I have been craving for months. The happiness and joy that I am experiencing just starting this detox fills me with excitement and enthusiasm. I am hopeful that I will sustain and maintain this style of eating throughout my life.”
– Jeanine M.
“I released a few pounds (so happy about that!!!),
my skin doesn’t itch anymore, and I feel great!”
“For years, I struggled to quit my sugar addiction, but could never figure out what was missing. When I joined Andrea’s program, weight loss was a secondary goal for me. My main goal was to get off the sweets and the blood-sugar roller coaster.Andrea’s information, help, and support made it so easy to get off sugar – and stay off! I released a few pounds (so happy about that!!!), my skin doesn’t itch anymore, and I feel great – all because I pulled gluten, dairy, and sugar from my diet. Plus now I understand how food plays a huge role in overall health.”

“The food has been so delicious, I don’t miss any of my old comfort foods. I no longer spend all day beating myself up about my lack of self-control around sweets. I feel my consciousness and energy freed up to live more fully, and be more engaged in serving others. I see many of my friends trying to lose weight, subjecting themselves to chemical and sugar-laden foods – which is the exact opposite of what Andrea is teaching – and I’m so grateful that I’m choosing this path.

“I’m not the type of person to spend money on myself. However, Andrea’s program was a WONDERFUL investment for me and my family – and I would gladly do it all over again.”
– Carol M.

“I feel a lot more integrated, as if my ‘healing’ has been sped up...
I feel like I’m strong enough to handle finding a new job...
I’m calmer and less prone to cortisol spikes.”
“This cleanse has been a terrific experience – absolutely the best thing I could have ever done for myself. The food is fantastic. I’ve slept like a baby during the entire program. I feel glowy, good, and filled with energy.

I’m no stranger to cleanses (I’ve done a 7-week Candida Cleanse and have been working with a naturopathic doctor for the past 2 years). My friend suggested that I do your cleanse, and honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. But after going through your process, I feel great. I feel a lot more integrated, as if my ‘healing’ has been sped up. I feel more “rebuilt.”

For the first time in 9 months (after quitting a high-stress job last October), I feel like I’m strong enough to handle finding a new job. I’m getting to know my children better, I’m sleeping 7-13 hours a night instead of my usual 6, and my body is operating a lot more smoothly. I’m calmer and less prone to cortisol spikes. I feel so ‘put back together’ after doing your cleanse. Thank you!!”
– Melissa M.

“I’ve lost 6 pounds so far...”
“This detox has been amazing... I don’t want it to end!! I’ve lost 6 pounds so far, and I’m excited to see what happens next.”
– Cheryl I.

“Nothing I did could help me drop the 20-30 extra pounds...
Then I did your program and I FINALLY lost the weight!”
“For years, I’ve been educating myself on super foods, whole foods, soaking/sprouting, cultured vegetables, visualization, you name it. But nothing I did could help me drop the 20-30 extra pounds of weight that I was carrying.

“Then I did your program and I FINALLY lost the weight!You’ve literally mapped out everything I need to live healthfully and get down to my ideal body weight. Thank you, Andrea!”
– Ashleigh Y.

“Nothing really ‘clicked’ until I did Andrea’s program...
a beautifully laid out, step-by-step system that gets us eating
like the natural human beings that we are.”
“For the past 3 years, I’ve educated myself about changing my own dysfunctional eating habits. But nothing really ‘clicked’ until I did Andrea’s program.

“The last 2 weeks in her cleanse have taught me so much about digestion, metabolism & emotional connections – and how it all fits together. It all makes sense now! Andrea has given us a beautifully laidout, step-by-step system that gets us eating like the natural human beings that we are. Thank you for this wonderful gift.
– Donna J.

“Andrea’s teaching style is supportive, encouraging, yet ‘strict’ enough
that I actually get results (and I love that!)”
“Andrea’s teaching style is supportive, encouraging, yet ‘strict’ enough that I actually get results (and I love that!). I’m having a blast – no pun intended – going through this program a 2nd time. I feel SO LUCKY to have found Andrea – her work has been a life-changer for me. I always learn so much from her.”
– Kerry C.

“Enormous changes in my life in a relatively short amount of time...”
“Andrea’s system of teaching – combined with actual recipes, healthful protocols, emotional support, and SO much specific, useful information – has really brought enormous changes in my life in a relatively short amount of time.

“I would like to encourage everyone who’s already taken your cleanses and detoxes to take them AGAIN! I’ve participated in several of your programs more than once, and each time, the information becomes more habitual and easier to follow. It becomes more cemented in my brain, so I don’t have to think or try that hard to eat the right foods. AND... I always learn something new each time!”
– Cassie B.

“I’ve never felt this cared for
by a health care professional of any kind, ever.”
“As a functional medicine doctor, I’ve been exposed to numerous strategies on losing weight, eliminating symptoms and boosting energy – and Andrea’s process is completely unique in my experience. I’ve dabbled with ‘functional medicine,’ but never really understood how to apply it to my life, or how to translate it into usable information for my patients. Andrea has completely transformed the science-y, theoretical concepts behind functional medicine into real, usable action steps that anyone can take in their daily lives.

“She’s helped me realize that true health is a process, undertaken over time, with incremental changes that occur in multiple areas. That was the missing key for me. I’ve never felt this cared for by a health care professional of any kind, ever.This is what I do for my patients, but no one ever does this for ME – that is, until I discovered Andrea. Thank you SO MUCH!!!”
– Victoria S.

“If you had told me a week ago that I’d be sitting in front of all of that food
and NOT obsess over it, NOT feel tempted to eat it,
and NOT feel deprived if I didn’t eat it, I would not have believed it!”
“Despite having a very busy schedule and attending a meeting in which people brought cookies, chips, cupcakes, wine, etc., I managed to stick with everything in this program – and I’m so glad I did. If you had told me a week ago that I’d be sitting in front of all of that food and NOT obsess over it, NOT feel tempted to eat it, and NOT feel deprived if I didn’t eat it, I would not have believed it!

“You’ve taught me that there’s a huge difference between battling intense cravings vs. not having cravings at all. The impulses I do have to reach for sugary things are more of a habit than a body craving. This has been an astounding realization for me. Thanks for giving me an abundance of information and “treat” recipes that help me stay prepared for anything.
– Carol M.

“Andrea is a nutritional goddess...”
“Andrea is a ‘nutritional goddess.’ She has so much knowledge, wisdom, power, and compassion not only about what foods to eat for optimal health, but how to be in the world. Thank you so much!”
– Linda B.

“I was surprised to step on the scale yesterday
and discover that I’ve lost 6 pounds...
Aside from the weight loss, what I’m most excited about is
how easy it is to wake up in the morning!”
“After having a thyroidectomy in March, I found it difficult to lose weight no matter what I tried. After doing your program, I was surprised to step on the scale yesterday and discover that I’ve lost 6 pounds – WOW! This is a huge improvement for me. The stiffness in my joints has also been going away. The Epsom Salt baths you recommended have been very helpful with eliminating my headaches.

“Aside from the weight loss, what I’m most excited about is how easy it is to wake up in the morning! I’m no longer groggy, and it’s much easier to start my day. I feel more like myself than I have in ages. Overall, I’ve lost over 10 pounds.THANK YOU!”
– Allana K

What You’ll Learn: Course Overview

Your new level of health and vitality begins with cleansing three powerful organs: your liver, your small intestines, and your heart.

Powerful, even sacred pathways exist between your emotions and these three vital organs.

Cleansing them releases accumulated toxins and long-held emotional “waste,” freeing up more of your vitality – more of you so that you can contribute your unique gifts to the Shift in our world.

Class 1: Clearing Out the Inner Clutter (July 30)

Just like your breath, toxins flow in and they flow out of your body.

But because of food indulgences, the environment and internal toxins, you, like most people, could benefit from a deep digestive toxic exhalation – especially if you’ve recently experienced chronic or acute digestive distress.

This first class will begin the process of clearing out the inner clutter.

Even if you already eat a great diet, this step will help you optimize your body’s ability to utilize those nutrients and reap the rewards of slowing down, grounding and feeling good as a result of caring for your digestive system.

Whether you’re a new or experienced cleanser, digestive detoxification is a profound way to begin feeling lighter, fresher, enlivened, and ready to maximize your immune-boosting potential.

In this session you will:

  • Set personal intentions for the 21-day cleanse
  • Learn how cleansing differs from dieting or fasting
  • Explore the emotional experience of digestive cleansing
  • Learn about the different kinds of toxins and how to choose the path of least toxicity

Class 2: Looking Closely at the Key to Your Physical and Mental Health (August 2)

Did you know that 70% of your immune system is located in the gut lining?

Your small intestine serves a vital purpose beyond digestion. It’s the key to your physical and mental health.

Problems like diarrhea and constipation are the result of consuming foods that are fermenting, putrefying or otherwise inflaming the small intestines.

When you gain a deeper understanding of physiology and how the gut relates to your digestion, nutrient absorption, immune system and mental health, you’ll understand how crucial a cleanse is to your overall wellbeing.

In this session you will:

  • Journey into your digestive system to reacquaint yourself with the role and proper functioning of the small intestine in assimilation and elimination
  • Learn what’s needed to healthfully digest and absorb food in your body and what happens when your gut is not functioning properly
  • Explore why the health of your small intestine is so critical to your heart and your mental and emotional state
  • Find out what you can do to address conditions such as fatigue, mood swings, arthritis, eczema and MORE

Class 3: Remove, Replace, Reinoculate and Repair (August 6)

Bacteria, good and bad, are circulating through your body at all times.

The digestive cleanse protocol and recipes will ensure you’re doing your part to keep those bacteria in balance. In this class, you’ll also learn what you can do after the cleanse to ensure that you are continuing to keep your body well populated with good bacteria.

In this session you will:

  • Learn about the great health benefits of smoothies and juices and ideas for making a blended meal nutritionally and digestively optimal
  • Explore the importance and proper use of probiotics, herbs and supplements for healing your GI tract
  • Learn what to do if you break your cleanse
  • Gain ideas about moving into and out of your cleanse, as well as maintaining LASTING results

Class 4: Amplifying Your Powers for Internal & External Renewal (August 9)

Your primary organs of detoxification-the liver and gallbladder-are working constantly to rid your body of difficult-to-digest fats, caffeine, alcohol, and even certain proteins.

It’s time to give them a break. This is your opportunity to temper your dietary input and amplify your innate powers of detoxification.

A liver cleanse creates an internal state of renewal, awakening, and rebirth mirroring the external transformations happening all around you. It’s also both evolutionary and revolutionary for your mind as well as your body.

Drawing on the wisdom of Chinese Five Elements, Ayervedic traditions, Qui Gong and more, you’ll gain knowledge, techniques and recipes necessary to move into the liver cleanse with a clear vision and a renewed sense of purpose.

In this session you will:

  • Embrace your cleanse as an opportunity for change and awakening
  • Listen closely to your body and tap into your primordial connection to the season
  • Explore the emotional experience of liver and gallbladder cleansing
  • Review your Protocol in detail and choose the appropriate cleansing level for yourself

Class 5: Taking Out the Trash – Literally – in Your Body (August 13)

What’s so important about the liver and gallbladder? And what happens if you neglect them?

You take out the trash in your home so it doesn’t pile up around you and make you sick. And you must do the same thing inside your body for your liver and gallbladder!

This cleanse and detoxification is all about letting go of waste in your body – some of which comes from your body itself, such as excess estrogens, toxic neurotransmitters, undigested food, fungi, yeasts as well as stress and negative emotions.

Many toxins and waste products also come from the environment, and even from what you put on your skin.

In this session you will:

  • Find your liver and gallbladder
  • Go into the anatomy and physiology of these filtering organs
  • Learn what a key role they play in your overall health and wellness
  • Learn the best ways to love and care for your liver and gallbladder

Class 6: Personalize Your Liver Cleanse (August 16)

Once you’ve chosen your level of cleanse, you can deepen your cleansing experience by personalizing the protocol even further with supplements, superfoods and other lifestyle practices.

Perhaps you want to cleanse during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Maybe you are post-chemo, recovering from an illness, or still growing and developing.

In this session, you’ll learn how to modify your cleanse to accommodate any life phase you may be in as well as which practices from your liver cleanse you can carry into your everyday life.

The protocols and recipes are easily incorporated into whatever current diet you have.

In this session you will:

  • Learn about fat, protein and the importance of eating organic foods
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the role of supplements during a cleanse
  • Reflect on your everyday lifestyle practices, including hydration, digestion, rest, elimination and exercise
  • Integrate the tools and techniques from prior weeks to carry you forward into your everyday life beyond the cleanse

Bonus #1: A Powerful Integration Session with Andrea (August 20)

For this final live class, you will have the opportunity to powerfully integrate all that you’ve learned from the 21-day rejuvenation program and cleanse! Andrea will answer your final questions and help set you up for a lifetime of healthy habits and ways you can rejuvenate from the inside out, anytime you need.

Bonus #2: Detoxing Your Domain for a Safe & Healthy Home LIVE Session
Guest Faculty: Environmental Toxins Expert Lara Adler (August 23)

Many of the toxins that stress and compromise your body come from exposure to chemicals found in common household items. These chemicals can impact everything from weight gain to infertility to thyroid disease to increased risk of cancers. Protecting your health goes well beyond diet, exercise and stress management!

Stopping the flow of toxins from coming into the body starts with having a clean, healthy and toxins-free home. When you start to make simple changes at home you can dramatically improve your health and reduce your risk of disease.

A “Domain Detox” is the perfect next step in achieving optimal health and wellness.

In this session you will:

  • Learn just how much of an impact chemical toxins can have on your health, and why it’s so important to be making shifts in the products you’re likely using now
  • Discover what common kitchen staples can deliver significant doses of toxins each time you use them
  • Explore what simple, easy and affordable steps you can start taking now to reduce your toxic exposure

What You’ll Receive

  1. Six 75-minute class sessions with Andrea, including live, interactive calls plus Q&A time
  2. 60-minute Bonus Integration session with Andrea
  3. LIVE Bonus Session with Environmental Toxins Expert Lara Adler
  4. Seven 30-minute small group practice sessions
  5. Extensive recipes and practices for healthy cleansing and enjoyment
  6. Online learning community throughout the course where Andrea will be intimately involved and answer your questions between sessions!
  7. Unlimited access to recordings of all class sessions (listen online or download the mp3 file to your smartphone or audio player)
  8. PDF transcripts for each class session
Classes at 5pm U.S. Pacific on Mondays and Thursday, July 30 – August 23.
Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! See below for our refund policy.

About Andrea Nakayama

Andrea Nakayama is a functional nutritionist based in Portland, Oregon and owner of the online nutrition enterprise Replenish PDX. Like many, she’s on a constant journey to support a busy life – to eat well, take the best care of herself, and to learn about the ever-changing needs of her body as she ages.

Andrea has been featured in Martha Stewart’s Whole Living Magazine (October 2011) and Thrive Oklahoma Magazine (April 2011) and mentioned in Prevention Magazine (April 2011) and Well & Good NYC (August 2011). She been a key presenter in a number of online TeleSummits and conducts successful online programs for Replenish PDX on a monthly basis.

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